Kognitive Resonanz

Artist's, Producer's and DJ's

Heartleader (Artist, Producer & DJ)

Playing since 1992 in various clubs.

Electronic music has fascinated him since the 80s. In 1992 he started DJing electro, industrial and indie. He developed himself  to today Deep, Tech House, Minimal and Techno. As a selected DJ he co-determined the weekly TOP100.

He is fascinated by how classical instruments combine with electronic sound influences and moves an entire generation. It is a matter of the heart that he shares his music with you.

MadO (DJ)

DJ with passion for a journey through the world of electronic music from Deep to Techno. Who ever listened a set from him know what he is telling us.

Calado (DJ & Musician)

A musical coming from playing bass guitar in a famous Switzerland Band. He loves to play Vinyl and give the sets a feeling of groove house music.